The thought never leaves.

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I know how you feel about this.
You cross your arms and you don’t say a word.
I’m trying to stay calm.
The thought of me trying, it seems so absurd.

You’re changing and leaving,
Your mind is bleeding.
I don’t want to say but
I still want to stay.

I know how you feel about this.
You’ve made up your mind and you’ve won.
I’m fighting hard for this
But I’ve got a knife and you’ve got a gun.

You’re smoking and drinking.
You’re not even thinking.
I know what you are and
You’re not who you are

But I know how you feel about this.
I’ll go home alone and I’ll sit at my desk
And the blades will torture my skin
But I won’t feel a thing ’cause you cut me the best.

You’re so different and
You were innocent
But now you’re a stranger.
I won’t try to change her.

I know how you felt about that.
You always explained how you wouldn’t be the same
But I know that it’s who you are.
You’re not just a clone with a different name,

You’re an emerald unbroken,
You’re tough and well-spoken
And I know that you’re hidden
Beneath this peer-ridden
Girl who’s been bitten
By boys who won’t listen

And I know how you feel about that.

2 thoughts on “The thought never leaves.”

  1. True love never dies it always stays with us… Even tough when we start ignoring each other… It doesn’t mean this is the end… you said it very well … clone with a different name … but just because someone is behaving differently we should not assume they have no more feelings for us … Time heals everything … Thanks for letting your feelings out … And I need to say your style of expressing things is good … keep writing more …

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