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Fight for what?

What’s there to fight for?

When this world can be so cruel

So fast

Without any hesitation

Those people out there.. knock anyone down who dares to defy anything that isn’t to their pleasing


Because they know no evil

Do you see?

See those red, puffy, unblinking eyes

Eyes of the punished

Eyes of the innocent

Who have fought and fought

And fought again just to stay alive each and every day

Does anyone care?

No, never …


3 thoughts on “Corruption”

  1. You are very correct when you stated that world is very cruel … I agree with your viewpoint. Nobody cares for anyone now; all are very busy and very much concerned with their own life and living. You poem should help people realize that living for themselves is nothing but living for others is everything … need to give a serious thought on it … thanks for sharing …

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