My secret love

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My secret love is amazing
His hugs are so warm
But his kisses are hot like fire blazing
My secret love knows just wat to say
Just when I’m in a bad mood
He knows how to make my day
My secret love pleasures me in unexplainable ways
His touch is delicate when he wants it to be
But most of the time he is harsh just like hay
My secret love has a smile so cute
When i see it he makes me melt
Just like a sugar cube
His eyes are so mesmirizing
That when i see him
I can feel on my lips
That a smile is rising
My secret love is unfortunately not out often
Because its hiding under arguments and hatred
Just like a body in a coffin

One thought on “My secret love”

  1. Again a nice poem with some beautiful feelings added to it. Every person wants some qualities in their better half, while some people do get while some don’t. But if we get everything we want then we will actually forget almighty god. But true love has great power to conquer everything. I hope one day your secret love will come out from those hatred and arguments.

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