You're my best friend

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When you are sad…..I will dry your tears.
When you are scared…..I will comfort your fears.
When you are worried…..I will give you hope.
When you are confused…..I will help you cope.
And when you are lost…..And cannot see the light,
I shall be your beacon…..Shining ever so bright.

41 thoughts on “You're my best friend”

  1. (Actual version)
    When you cry,
    I will dry your tears.
    When you are scared,
    I will ease your fears.

    When you are worried,
    I will give you hope.
    When you are sad,
    I will help you cope.

    And when you are lost,
    and can't see the light.
    I'll be your beacon,
    Shining so bright.

    This is my oath I pledge to the end,
    Why you may ask?…
    because you are my friend.

  2. I think this poem is very very good an you have wat it takes to be a published author. Can I use that to send to my best friend? I think she would really like it

  3. Although, I did like this poem I'm hoping that you're not plagarizing someone else's work. It's unfair and completely disrespectful.

  4. this isnt your poem.. for its in a book called frienship to cope by.. i forget her name… and that’s the theme poem.. if you are gonna post poems..atleast post poems that are yours.. you should be charged for.. stealing anf frod.. and not asking publisher for permison to call this yours.. there is a copyright in her book.. and yet people like you lie and steal to get credit that’snt yours.

  5. this is the most gayest poem I’ve ever read,

    i saw alot of betterones in a home less shalter,

    im just kidding its the most awsome one I’ve ever read.

  6. heyy i think this is the most gayest poem I’ve
    I’ve ever read im just kidding its awsome and
    the best poem ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. this poem was well thouhgt out and very impressive.
    I loved it!!!!
    thank you for the poem people like you should be published or something.

  8. don’t worry about wat other people say
    this poem caught your eye and appeals to you
    that’s y you posted it and i think its a great idea.
    if you see any poems you like and think that other
    people should appreciate them to then post them
    on here. Great job

  9. This is a wonderful poem. Its so meaningful, touching, and knowingful. I was looking for a poem to send to my best friend and this one just hit me and I was like oh my gosh this fits her and my relationship so godd. So thank you for being such a great poem writer..

  10. I totally agree… You should not say that this poem is yours.
    I really like this poem and I knew that I had read it before, and
    that it really wasnt one that you put your heart and soul into
    writing. I hope you feel like an idiot. that’s sure how you look!!

  11. aww i like this poem im always like that wit mi friends!!!!!natalie and alll dem them otha ones i got love you holla bacc fo real!!!!!!!

  12. Your poem is very nice and it reminds me of my
    friend Julia, she passed away a couple months ago
    We did everything toether and i loved her like a
    sister. I know she is in my heart and in a better
    place now.

  13. this poems really fits alot of ppl who think
    they r a good friend and really r so…write
    and publish more poems and member
    keep your head high and KEEP ON PIMPIN!

  14. Fraus is a very bad thing, comeon think up your own work,
    don't rip someone off that's actually sat there for hours wrighting a poem
    you're lame mate

  15. this poem is so nice it even reminds me of me and my best best best friend
    that’s how me and my best best best friend hangs out we use to do this
    things so this poem acully reminds me of my self like what i do cause im the
    best friend in the whole wide wold no im just playing but its one of the best poems.

  16. hey i LOVE this poem it reminds me of my friends
    sumer,tomesha,mis,taylor,beverly and others “OMG
    it mads me want to cry cause its so true about my friend

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