I will miss

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ms…… was not a bore
she kept me busy evermore

and if not for her I wouldn’t know
multiplications way to go

everyday I had the drill
my head with facts she had to fill

the one that I will miss
is the tears and laughters we had

I did so poorly most of the year
I thought I’d never get in gear

I can’t remember when I knew
but all at once I got clue

those facts I had to memorize
then short in time were all my tries.

I will never forget ma’am ……..
for me in math she opened the door..

by.. a student from T.LGA (High School)

4 thoughts on “I will miss”

  1. Does anybody love this poem??

    Hope that my favourite teacher will read this poem I wrote for her..but she’s angry with me…I don’t know how to give it to her..

    Hope it will be soon over

    1. i’m the one who post it. and my real name is gagay mercado.. i just wanted to say thankyou to you tyra bear.. i hope that one of this days my favourite will read it.. i can’t show it to her.. beacause she’s angry but.. i really love my favorite teacher..she’s one of the teacher who teaches well.!.. i really miss the old her.. hope it will be soon over.. can you please give me tips how to say sorry to her???.. i’m being depressed, thinking all over and over again..i’m so numb!!!..
      huhuhuh =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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