Burning of Roses

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I’ve given you power and allowed your heart to see

Once the sight of blood was intercepted, muscles of the face are flexed

The once before mentioned flamingos were pulled as turkeys

But, as they struggle to aviate, they see the conclusion of the tunnel

These walls

The dark bricks define a hopeful path

And a journey is what it is

Manufactured time is what will be consumed

But once dedication is sought, love will be unbinded

It’s hard to find and is ignited by the…

By the…

The roses

This is the initial step

But by hand I hold and through the halls we  skip

Never forget that I will never forget

Let it never be said that my trust was dealt in vain

Trust, this is serious, so never let the hallucinations depict reality

If your eyes are shaded by the blackest of browns, you will never be found

My fatal error, knowing that my pendulum swings

The operator, however, is mal-conducted

Once his dictation takes control, the mind will flat-line

This is no time for a rhyme, and because of you, I’m trapped

In this arid tornado, I bathe in the barren hurricanes of constriction

Today’s news was a hasty blessing

When peace was presented, I was given a rose

And I suppose we can hold on if we choose to grip hope

One thought on “Burning of Roses”

  1. This is a truly beautiful poem. A love like this is a gift even if is just a punctuation or a lesson in life. Your rose petals would have kept forever in the pages of a book but a poem about the rose will remind you of the love you are capable of for eternity. Jen

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