Lonely Phone

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My phone is so lonely

I am fine clearly

But my phone

Feels quite alone.

It hasn’t rung in a while

It feels lonesome meanwhile.

I like the silence

But my phone resents the absence

Of sound

In the foreground.

It hangs there on the wall

Sending me dirty looks like catcalls

Saying to me why don’t you yak

With someone that will call you back?

What’s a phone that doesn’t sing

With a nice melodious ring?

One thought on “Lonely Phone”

  1. Your poem perfectly fits me. ;) My phone stopped ringing long back when my girl left me, but when I think about those days I feel like, that was so good days when we use to be constantly chit chatting and talking over the phone. Sweet morning messages and cute night wishes, that was altogether a different feel to experience. But, today the phone hardly rings, sometimes I feel like why I need to carry this with me, when no one is even bothered to give me a ring. But yes I learnt to live this way and at present I feel this is the way to live and let it go the things which we can’t change.

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