Everything we’re not ..

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I believe in dreams coming true

I believe in the stars that light up the sky
I believe in god .
I believe in everything that others have forgot.
But why I don’t believe in us?
Our love so pure and yet so strong
The tearing of each of other
Going wrong
I love you my superman
You’re my hero
I wish I can live forever
Or just as long as you
So every time I think of you
I will know just what to do
But this is tough
And times are hard
It breaks my heart
To see us apart
Your warm embrace
How you touch my face
The kisses you give
It’s all that I miss
That gets me like this
I know that you’re trying
And you can’t stand me crying
I know if you were here
You’ll wipe away all my tears
Conquer my fears
And live with me through all the years
I know it hurts baby
But life is so cruel to us
Are love is yet strong
And it will last long
Because I love you
Like you love me
And there’s nothing
No distance
No person
No problem
That can seperate us
Yet miles apart
And years away
I will always know that day
The day I met you
The day I miss
The lovely lullaby
That lives in me .
I love you forever
My secret wish .
My future husband
Yet to be .
I love you forever .
Forever and always.

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