Her sorrow ..

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The rain drops In her window

I can’t believe my eyes
It’s true …
It’s on tv , it’s on the news
How could you be so cruel
Oh you
You abuse her , disapprove her, and confuse her
Then you come into my bed at night
She was an angel
How could you use her
How can you not care
How are you so heartless
Why are you still living?
She was an angel
From above
She was just 8 years old
How can you do that
To your own blood
A father to daughter
You should burn In hell
Why did you beat her
Why did you leave her
When you were the only one
To be there with her
You should die
And she won’t cry
Because for once
She will realize
That life is stunning
In its own way
And you don’t need sorrow
When all you have is pain
Sometimes it’s better to let it rain..

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