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Suddenly it hits me

How quick the time flies
One minute here
Gone the next.
I walk around this empty place
And realize how little time I have left
Excitement, fear and unknowing fill me
The thrill, exceleration, the happiness
The sadness, amazement, the confusion
How on earth has it slipped out of my grasp so quickly?
Hold onto every moment
They say
Hold onto every moment
We try
Hold onto every moment
We fail
Unable to understand until it’s too late we let the time run through our fingers
We are losing a piece of ourselves when we leave here
We lose the childhood, the teenage years
Now it’s too late to go back and replay it
But we want to
Replay it
So we hold this little bit of time we have left close to our hearts
And hope it doesn’t slip away as fast
Because once it’s gone
We’re gone

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