Fear of Love and Loss

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I can’t describe my ideas
My words cannot express how I feel
The emotions rolling through my body
The insanity of my mood
All these things I find impossible to tell you
Whether it is me writing
I can not utter the things that roar through me
That burn just on the tip of my tongue
I long to tell you
To let you know how I feel
I want to tell you
To allow you to know my most inner ideas
Yet I fear what you would say
How would you respond?
How would you know what I was thinking?
How would my insufficient words describe the very things that pour from my soul
And quiver in my heart like dancing butterflies on the wind?
Floating aimlessly along with the leaves that have fallen soundlessly the trees?
You wouldn’t be able to feel what I feel
To know what I know, would you?
The thoughts
The emotions
The pain
The honesty
The madness
Would confound you

They would amount to some unforeseen sense of chaos
That would wrap around your soul and make you lost from me
You would run at the sight of me
Go numb at the sound of my voice
Cringe at my touch
Break down at the very thought of me
Scream at the mention of my name
And unable to bear losing you
Instead I keep my silence

Hiding the honesty from you
For I fear if I say the things I want to say most
Everything will change

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