Memories Shared

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Once lost can be gained

Once it was gained was it lost to begin with

Trapped in your heart

the things that were once lost

will never be lost again.

The hole that was once there

is now filled with the memories that

were once there, but forgotten.

Those memories make you human

the emotion of love, trust, and happiness

are still there and those are the things that make you

who you are…

A loved one may be gone physically

but emotionally and mentally

they will never be gone just

as long you believe in yourself

and in the memories that were

once shared.

One thought on “Memories Shared”

  1. Very true… the only thing which would make our loved ones close is their memories with us … memories play such a vital role in everyone’s life … memories that make us cry when we remember the time we laughed together … and you explained it in a perfect and expressive way. I myself living with someones memory from past few months and it’s a good feel actually :) … thanks for sharing …

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