~slow dance~

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Take my hand,
Step in closer
Let me feel your bossom
How your heart roves at…
Now draw a leg aback
And bring it forth again
let me take you about,
in a little dance session.
How you like the twinkle lights,
How you like the chill
(How I love your breath! How I love the arcs in you eyes!)
My knees shudder, weak…
I know, yours too.
I see you stagger a little
And I hold your small.
The song still plays,
But the rhythm changes thus…
Slowly, your chin falls onto my shoulder
My heart begins to shudder…
My hands begin dancing to the tune
Fingers working your way.
In a feetle, rubbing tenderly.
You move in closer,
Your bosom against mine.
As though losing grip,
My cheek rubs onto your own.
I feel the tender peck you plant on it.
(Its a magic turn)
Our lips lock!
You kiss by the book and I, like a crook…
What a perfect trance!
We’re off to the brook!
My fingers express mastery
Moving about gingerly.
Unfastening the clips.

You tilt your bosom aback
And give away your apples,
My mouth does justice,
Sharp pecks about.
Soft moans-music,
As the motion grows intense!
My curious hands find way beneath your short jean skirt;
My finger tips smooth tap your smoothies
(Its magic still, and more…)
The lingerie…
I don’t know
All I know is my fly flies low
And a grand voyage to the slip-soft of you…
Tenderly trading back and forth,
You’re speaking animal language.
A luxurious light sparkles in your eyes…
You begin to shiver
Your fists clench my sides…
And one loud moan,
It comes with a feel I hardly understand
My back curls,
And tap
We’re at the height of Verona bower.
My back rests on the glass pillar.
I begin to recover,
And realize the whole club has had a treat to a movie…
(What happened Hinkle?) she whispers
Slow dance…
Thats my response.

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