Modest rejection

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Hey look…
I am a man
And have feelings yeah.
But they’re not for you…

I don’t want to waste your time
Pretending you and I can really rhyme
I am only going to break your heart!

You’re a beautiful girl Missy
But I am just not into you!
You say so many things to me
And the last was-my prince
But I am not he!

I am sure if you get patient
And search a little bit deeper,
You’ll surely land on him.
He’ll tell you tales:
How long he’s waited
How long he’s wasted away in the hands of filthy love.

Look at you Missy;
Illuminating sparkle
Fair skin,
Virtuous, magical soul!!

Chase you the wind
For your love waits!
He is brooding and heaving of a heartbreak
Under the desert sycamore tree!

2 thoughts on “Modest rejection”

  1. It always a good thing to reject rather than living just for the sake of it! There is no meaning in living a life for a person for whom we had no feelings. Living a life with whom we love is always the greatest thing one would like to have. There are many people out there who are still living a life which they never wanted to, but unfortunately they never dare to express their feelings! But you have to give a pat on your back for doing this good thing, which is good for both of you!

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