The love I have for you is true

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Every time I see you
I cannot help but stare
All i think about
is do you think of me,
the way i think of you?
I love you without a doubt
no matter how hard I try
I cannot seem to stop loving you
so baby I know this love is true
When I look you in the eyes i melt
because I know I’ve crossed your mind
so you love me the way i love you?
this love I have for you…
baby I’m sure is true.

10 thoughts on “The love I have for you is true”

  1. Its nice that you stuck to the concept
    But that wasn't much of a poem
    You didn't put it in a format so it made it hard to read
    It seemed as if you were putting thoughts out
    And now that you have those thoughts its time to make it a poem
    I hope to see you grow as a poet

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