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I’m being burned under your sun
praying for a cloud to rain over me
all I can feel now is the heat
hitting straight on my forehead
crawling right down to my feet

Never felt such a need for resurrection
as fatigue is terminating my physicals
as emotions are consuming my core soul
screaming out loudly my final vocals
seeking out widely what you once stole
I’m getting lost in a tiny intersection
between what sounds perfect and ideal
confusing what seems fake and real

Doors wide open ahead of me but still
I can’t find a way leading me to you
I frequently ask myself again and again
am I running back to or back from you?
precious more than winter and its rain
hurtful by creating gaps you can’t fill

Every day that I try to escape and hide
I race destiny I try to leave it behind
every night when I try to close my eyes
I see your shadows out of nowhere rise
haunt me no more I can’t take this war
come with peace so I can love you more

Come with me into my garden of fears
welcome yourself into my land of vain
where my worst nightmare shed its tears
long-lost love and what about to regain

Once your heart was on a sudden stolen
I tried ever since to mend the broken
what went wrong caused us to drift so far
from the one thing we could joyfully have
for years I have walked guided by my hope
though it was thin I never cut that rope

Chained to the spell you once got me under
burned by your sun striking me like thunder
surrounded by likers who mostly turn to haters
jealous by the sound of my voice calling your name
what I feel about you and them can never be the same
I’m lost between the come and go you left me in
I’m trapped by the feelings burning me within

Rain over the sun burning within me
I can no more take the heat honestly….

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