Pleasing Tongue

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Things with no colors
come with no flavors
ruthless people today
are yesterday’s favors
inherit what you shall give
so to be a worthy savior

Sleep on the side of your unspoken lie
protect it from exposure with a wide open eye
when mercy is found not in your heart
bother not seeking it in heavens above the sky

Time passes quickly though slowly day by day
make your call black or white there’s no grey
when hearts are the stake this is no longer a game
behold of failure ’cause only cowards live in shame

Loneliness is hollow as the emptiness of silence
companionship comes loud like the sound of sirens
trying is not enough when you keep on failing
loving you seems tough when you keep on fading

Falling in every crack of every broken heart
looking for the core of their ongoing misery
trying desperately to separate it apart
accepting their accusations for the conspiracy
when the light comes up all the effort would be gone
like stars shining all night they’ll go by the dawn
let the world screw itself for a moment without us

Promises of everlasting happiness
make my eyes sweat compassion
dreaming about a pleasing future
color up the things with your flavor
favor tomorrow’s over yesterday’s
a deep thought will show its sense
wash away the worst of love by passion
triumph over pain you’re your own savior

I have not been writing words rather than care
for the person imprisoned me the moment we stared
an epidemic of feelings is invading my senses
making me stronger but mostly setting me senseless
the magic moment of your presence gets me paralyzed
with the spell of your voice getting me hypnotized

My words collide not to make up a song
but to be delivered by pleasing tongue…

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