Best Part

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Again and again I desperately try
to answer myself out how and why
no one makes me smile
the way you make me everywhile
no one takes me out of my misery
the way you make it sound a history

Sometimes falling is the best part
would you mind if I loved you
would you mind if I had to
I’m falling deeper and deeper
would you mind if I adored you
would you mind if I never let go
falling into your world my reaper
though distance is setting us apart

Maybe soon enough will come the day
to erase all the years we spent away
give me the sacred honor of this life
call your bliss to replace this strife
give me the reason to keep on breathing
I’m suffocating in this merciless grieving

Sometimes dreaming is the best part
would you mind if I hugged you
would you mind if I had to
I’m dreaming day and night
would you mind if I kissed you
would you mind if I wanted to
dreaming about you like a knight
be my princess let the fairytale start

it’s the way you cheer me up
the way you give and never stop
it’s the way you inspire me like a muse
a gift sent from heaven I’ll never abuse

When I stare at you
it seems like I’m looking into a mirror
an image of me that can’t be any clearer
When I talk to you
my words can find no way out to be said
as if you’re getting them out of my head
When I’m with you
I only wish time would stop so I can stay
there’s no where else I can feel so Okay

Wrapped in your arms I want to fall
and this is the best part among all….

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