God sent me an angel

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All my life i had all i dreamed of,
except for real friends who are rare to find
and lucky to have..
i prayed the lord to help find what I was looking for ..
a few days ago..i knew that i had to search no more..
because god sent me an angel ..
a person that we all look for..
god just sent me the gift i ever wanted ..
a piece from heaven ..
a REAL friend that i can depend on ..
God sent me you Jessy..

7 thoughts on “God sent me an angel”

  1. that’s a very sweet poem and its nice that you noticed that you had a special friend and always know that god sent her to you for a special reason

  2. I am very happy to know that you have such a good friend now:) Because you are right. For me, true friends are hard to find:) Nice job!!!

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