Love Dies

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I used to believe in happily ever after
Nothing else matter
Against all odds
As long as we’re together
Indeed time passes by
Lullaby seems to die
You’ve said sad goodbyes
Heartbreaking , yes
Indeed, I almost die
Foolish I, dust in my eyes
Oh why, oh why
You’ve made me cry
Love blossoms and suddenly dies
I do, I do In sickness and health
For better or for worst
You got better
Truly, I feel the worst
Perhaps true love will come
The day you’ve said Goodbye…

12 thoughts on “Love Dies”

  1. my friend i know it’s been awhile, but i hope you will recover from it. someone will come, i know. if you only believe in her. learn to trust again.

  2. hey! how are you my friend eric told me about your post
    where are you anyways? im not good in words but i hope
    you give your self a chance to love again. don’t be afraid,
    they might not be as honest as you… but in time, it will work out.
    if only im a gurl i will propose and marry you LOL! write me ok?

  3. i nearly cried when it said ”Oh why, oh why
    You’ve made me cry” made me think of so many times i got hurt and broken :-(.. god welling you will find your angel .xx god bless

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