Just a Dream – by Greg Cameron

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I dreamed we were running

in a field under a sky

so vast, so blue

it could have been painted

the birds flitting overhead

wished us well

the trees waved at a distance

finally we threw ourselves

on the ground, laughing

not caring if Nature were

rubbing itself off on us

or ants were climbing

into our clothes

we rolled and rolled

till at last we rolled

into each other’s arms

and we rocked with joy

let go, lay back,

gave ourselves with abandon

to the sky

then rolled over

and I picked his flower

– a wild flower, a humble thing

but beautiful

we looked it over

and turned it over and over,

glorying in its miracle

then I looked at you,

ran my hands through your hair,

teased your nose just a little,

then ran my fingers under your chin

and kissed you

full, hard, salty

my face leaning into yours

before finally letting go

and telling you

I loved you, how beautiful you were,

there was no one – no one – else

like you in the world

you didn’t laugh

or say how corny it was

or sneer

or roll your eyes

– and under a relentless sun

we held on to each other

like children huddling against

the Terrors of the World

I saw nothing but love and trust

in your eyes

– it was just a Dream…..

incidentally, I tried to type in this poem earlier today but there was a mixup at the library - this is the final draft of this poem - groan, it's my birthday, today - hope everyone's okay - Greg....

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