Deadly Rose

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A rose of death resting in my hand!

So deadly death occurs in a blink of an eye!

In my mind in my heart I am dead and so are you!

I open my arms like open doors

To welcome death

Something so delicate can cause so much pain

Every single touch maybe your last.

Will be your last!”

Deadly rose keep your distance away from me

Deadly rose why are you so black?

Am I going crazy? Or am I dying?

A rose of death poisoning my mind

Take this rose away from me!

Destroy the pain it has caused!

Destroy it and let me be!

Take it away! Take it away!

Destroy the pain! The pain that it has caused!

Close your hand! Cast it away!”

Deadly rose why are you so dark?

Deadly rose why are you haunting me?

Deadly rose why is it me?

Deadly rose why does your poison cause so much pain?

Find the answers on your own!”

There is no need to

And why is that?!”

I am dead!

And the symbol of death is me

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