Dear love

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It all started with a message,

A few simple words over the internet,

I never thought in a million years

That I would fall for you the way I did.

We talked everyday,

We spoke every night,

Since that day in November

I now get to call you mine.

As days go on, my feelings grow stronger

And I can tell yours do too,

Over every word that’s said

Between me and you.

Your my love,

My heart,

My soul,

My everything.

Everyday I live is because of you

And how special you make me feel,

You tell me that you love me

And I can tell that these feelings are real.


One thought on “Dear love”

  1. Beautiful :) Those few little words over the internet made me fall too… what a co-incidence! Very nicely written…spreading the message you are the world for someone. I hope your bond becomes more strong in coming days and PLEASE continue writing such BEAUTIFUL poems. I just loved it:)

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