By Tomorrow

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It feels like by tomorrow
you’ll be standing by my side here
brushing away all my sorrow
no clouds and the sky is so clear
birds are whispering into my ear
the song of lovers together we’ll be

Today am not heading back home
tomorrow I’ll be back but not alone
red roses by themselves gently fold
on the red carpets guiding your road

I don’t know if this is called love
or destiny written by the one above
but I know one thing in which I’m sure
never ever I had something felt so pure
I can see tomorrow coming over the wind
won’t close my eyes or I would have sinned

Stars twinkle welcoming your arrival
the moon hides from the coming rival
a cold breeze blows from the ground
signing you’re almost getting around

From far away and barely being seen
I could tell it’s you and no one else
waiting to see the t-shirt in green
so everything can finally make sense
as you’re getting closer
a magical rainbow colors up my horizon
my dream is getting sober
and my desert turns to a greeny garden

Hold me by the warmth of your embrace
let the sun be shining from your face
today we dance in our own paradise
underneath the wide open blue skies
give yesterday a gentle goodbye kiss
and devote today to enjoy this bliss

I feel speechless but I want you to say
You’re staying and never going away
I seem deaf but I want you to hear me
You’re the one no one else could be
I look tearful but I want you to smile
You’re charming as the lily of the nile

Words are not enough to express the feelings
feelings are not enough to fulfill the greedy
greedy is not enough to describe the needy
needy is what I am and you’re enough for me
me is in need for you to stay so I can be…

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