Unknown by Twinkyx33

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I could see the fears in her eyes
The tears that she cried
The man that broke her heart
The abuser of the night
The pain she goes through
The broken mirrors
The guy that loves her
But she doesn’t need him
The loser of the day
The one who just turned gay
The scars on her face
The blood on her hands
The bruises on her arms
Yeah I know
Am there tonight
Broken glass, broken window
Each new night a new criminal
Rapes her, abuses, and leaves her with some bruises
No one to help her
Stuck in her own world
No chances
No love
Just alcohol she loves
Drunk, dizzy, sleepy, depressed
This is what she is – a mess
No success
No diploma
Just a job
Doesn’t earn no money
Feeling down
Trying to change
But her life is in his hands.

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