Goodbye, Sweet Angel

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I’ve seen you in dresses, I’ve seen you in sweatshirts

Every picture reminds me that death hurts.


I loved the sweep of your hair, the curve of your smile

Getting by without you is more than a trial.


You couldn’t stand the pain, you couldn’t take the fall

So you saved yourself by leaving us all.


I’ll miss you today, I’ll miss you tomorrow

But I won’t let myself be overcome with sorrow.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Angel”

  1. It is so disheartening when we lose our loved ones, the one who cared for us, the one who stood by us all the time and the one who loved us completely. But this is the nature of law, one have to leave this world sooner or later, sometimes I feel the life is so short, days are passing so quickly and some people hardly give any time to their loved ones, but later on they regret. Sometimes the only thing that is left with us is the beautiful memories that we cherish forever.

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