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I love my friends,

I love every little smile.

This may take a while,

So I’ll just say this:

Words cannot describe her.

His smile is electric.

She gives me confidence I don’t have.

There is never a conversation lull with him.

She makes me think.

He makes me listen.

She gets me to laugh.

He gets me to geek out.

She and I have inside jokes.

He and I make it up as we go along.

She is the best roommate ever!

He is the funniest guy alive!

I love my friends,

And I wouldn’t replace them.

They are my closest friends,

And that kind of friendship never ends.

3 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. When I read the poem I can tell the author’s name, hehe, it’s a pleasure to read you again and a pleasure to read a poem not sad, nor lonely, because it’s about friendship :-)

  2. A bunch of friends with us and what an amazing life we get to live! The relationship between us is so pure, where we don’t expect anything in return. We fight, we cry, we argue but at the end of the day when we need a hand to help, our friends would be the first to come out there and help us out! We don’t hesitate to share anything, almost all secrets are known to them and vice-versa! Friendship is one of those relations which continue almost for decades and even when we meet at a later stage, we share the old good days and have a good laugh at it!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem and keep sharing more! :)

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