I miss our friendship

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Though we are far apart
Our friendship is very strong
I remember the memories we had before we departed
The time we made prank call
The time we made an April fool joke on Amanda

We still
not far apart
I miss seeing you everyday of the week
I miss our long phone calls
I miss our shopping
I miss your smile
I miss you

4 thoughts on “I miss our friendship”

  1. i loved this poem…..i feel this way too…just in a
    diffrent way! over my first true love who moved 2
    maryland. we had everything and now its all gone!
    but yea newayz……i LOVED this poem!!

  2. i like this poem, because i can relate because i go far away and leave my best friend and now im not fine because i missed her alot.. i use to make story or poems too..

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