The Sacrifice of an Imaginary Life

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If i dream in darkness

Would I sleep to die?

Erase the silence there is no need for it

Cause I’m swallowed from

The sound of my screaming

Without a soul

Without a thought

I know that I’m going to die here

Don’t let me die here in the darkness

There must be something more

Erase my life

There is nothing left of me

I’m burning in the blacken ashes

of nothingness

I guess I always found my place

among the ashes

There is nothing left of me

In the end

I noticed how I long

for the deep sleep dream

of silence.

One thought on “The Sacrifice of an Imaginary Life”

  1. When I wrote this I used some of the lyrics from four different Evanescence song’s those songs were: Sweet Sacrifice, Imaginary, Bring Me to Life, and Wieght of the world.

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