We're keeping afloat

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Hanging around this sinking ship, how’d this start?
you’re breaking down, and you’re falling apart
Splinters of you in my skin
apart of me now, you’re breaking in
Let’s recover that old treasure chest
grab our memories and burn the rest
Dusting off reminders is an act so jaded
looking back at a picture now faded
So I will rebuild you one more time
commit just one more crime
Piece by piece I put you back together
out alone in this stormy weather
I show you my weakness
but thru your eyes Im speechless
So close those eyes, enjoy the ride
and imagine the things we’ll learn tonight
“We’re keeping afloat.” Yeah you might be right
but everything seems so black or white
So open those eyes, see the grey
I’ve boarded a lifeboat, and floated away.

9 thoughts on “We're keeping afloat”

  1. hey i'm really like your poems and things about you . sometimes you remind of myself. its good to write about how you feel

  2. jones…jones…jones…i keep running into you! i was reading poems because im doing this project for my creative writing class…and i really liked the poem! and then i looked at the author because it sounded like a man and it was you! so again i love your work..truely amazing…have you thought about publishing?? if not you should! you're a hit!

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