Can’t Forget that day

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Why do I waste my time thinking about you??
Its like I’m Stuck in a dream, A dream that will never come true.
Your the sun, And the moon, The stars in the sky.
And There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to be close to you.
I can’t forget the breath you’ve taken away.
You seem to always Look my way.
I can’t forget that Look on your Face.
Its imprinted on my Heart,
And it was, It was from the start.
The very Moment You and I looked into each other’s Eye’s

And I Can’t forget, Oh I can’t forget
And I hope you feel the same.

I Can’t forget that Day!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Can’t Forget that day”

  1. Can’t Forget That Day … the title itself triggered me to CLICK on it… and as expected it was super cool read. Even I had many unforgettable days with that special person for whom once I was the world… and suddenly things changed as time doesn’t bother to wait for us even people nowadays are least bothered to wait.. as one is always better then the other. But people like me could only live with memories of those unforgettable days! keep up the good work and write more such poems:)

    1. Aww thank’s. Really the guy’s I’ve had crushes on. It Keeps Crashing Me …But Its really inspiring when you like someone and their like Unforgettable to you. But after their really not that Great or special to you !!! Lol I Wrote this a long time a go..I Should totally post something new ^_^ Glad it was a Cool read for you..

      1. Yea you’re right … it’s really inspiring :) … and I need to say first crush is the best crush … I mean the time when we don’t know what is love and we just fall for someone ;) maybe after a decade or so we would find it silly… but ya it’s actually unforgettable :) … waiting to read some of your new posts :)

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