That wasn’t me

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I remember  three years ago,

When my heart was broken and bitter,

I saw a picture of you and I

And decided to let go.

I made myself a promise

That every time I saw you at school,

Knowing that the memories would come back,

I would tell myself it wasn’t me.

It wasn’t me who you asked out,

It wasn’t me who said yes,

I wasn’t my who kissed your lips,

It wasn’t me who held you tight,

It wasn’t me who tried so hard for you,

It wasn’t me who wanted to lose it to you,

I wasn’t me who held your hand,

It wasn’t me who cuddled with you,

It wasn’t me you broke up with,

It wasn’t me who cried herself to sleep all those nights,

It wasn’t me you cheated on,

It wasn’t me you waited a week to break up with,

It wasn’t me who thought I couldn’t get over you,

It wasn’t me who missed you,

And it wasn’t me who’s heart got ripped out.

Every time I see you,

I tell myself these things

And know that I am truly happy now,

Without you by my side.

I’ve learned to move on,

I have found the man I love,

I do love him very much,

He is everything you are not.

You may think you got to me,

That day you tried to break my heart,

But you can never break my heart

Because the girl you dated wasn’t me.



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