True Me

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What do you do when everything that’s a Lie turns against you?
What do you hear? What do you smell?
Got me feeling like I’m in hell.
Tell you this tell you that,
Too bad it’s not a fact,
Pass it here, pass it there pass it everywhere
And I’ll act as if I care !
I open the door what do I see
A bitch that’s trying to be like me
2 faced bird that once was a nerd.
Got new place new face & now is a disgrace.
I wear a mask as you can’t see ,
But can you see the true me ?
Is there even a true me ?
Everything is always the same
Day by day night by night
But when you look back nothing in track !
Do you ever feel like
Dying, crying, denying what you see
knowing they’re hating you 4 something they think you be

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