Upon Consideration

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Upon consideration, my dear,

I put down my book to face you,

knowing I’m forever inadequate

to the task

you smile, knowing the vaudeville of my ways,

the rhythm of my speech, the stops,

the starts, the rhetorical pauses,

the sheer shameless repetition

– routine and rigmarole –

you know it all upside down

and backwards

the depth of your eyes speaks to me,

saying, “It’s all right.  I know

who and what you are.

You don’t have to pretend.

Your alpha and omega don’t bug me.”

and yet I feel sheepish,

not knowing at times who you

really are.

sometimes I suspect Nixon

rummaged through the tapes of your life,

erasing some of them

– just to bug me, you understand –

and when I press

you retreat with a smile

as if to say, ” some things are

better left unsaid.”

I don’t know what to do

for now let’s do nothing

your hands

imprison mine

I feel your warmth

and the steady throb

of your heart…..

may some of us have a Happy Valentine's Day....

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