When Someone Dies

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When someone dies, how many people notice?
How many people do something?
How many people morn them?
I’m not talking about big cases like OJ Simpson, or Casey Anthony.
I mean tiny ones, like getting hit by a car, cancer, passing in your sleep.
The things no one hears about.
The things no one wants to.
Every little suicide that’s big to the family.
Every grandparent, every miscarriage, effects someone.
But how many people would care?
How many would go to the funeral?
How many are just faking?
When you say “I’m sorry” are you really?
Most people like to think the world is good, some have seen its dark side.
The shootings, the rape, the murder, the genocide, the racism, the ghetto, the bullies, the abuse, the way that people hate,
If it could all just end,
If we could all care about one death,
Everyone care about just one.
And I think my job would be done.

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  1. Thanks for all the feedback :) I used this poem in a course at school because I was thinking about all these tragedies and only a few people know or care:)

    Thanks again guys really

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