Seeking Truth Frozen

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Frozen in the touch of everything,

I’m lost and confused about life itself.

Finding the truth is hard to seek,

Like a lost child searching for a lost toy.

I don’t know what’s true anymore,

As time goes on and becomes faded.

Stories pass, truth to lies, and tear to weep.

What’s to say that problems messed me up?

Lies are everywhere to see as true.

Tears of rain stopped to know and think.

Eyes to hear the thunder is fake.

So, what is true and what is not?

Is what I seek is false?

Is what I seek is true enough?

Am I trying hard enough to find the truth?

It’s just a simple thing I want inside.

As to know what I know enough,

How come my mind won’t give it a rest or two?

Seeking the truth is hard to find,

To make me cry so much at night.

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