I do feel

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Basking in the sunshine, my Love; makes the time stand still.

God, I cherish you for blessing me with ability to… feel.

Warm rain drops softly embrace my face, let my soul heal.

God, a thousand times thanks for letting me… feel.

In sweet sounds of music I hide; it’s beautiful; it’s surreal.

God, how will I repay you for being able to… feel?

Reminiscing the innocent times; memories  are mine and always will.

With tears of joy I pray to the One who allowed me to… feel.

Lives scattered! My Love lying in pool of blood, next to her I kneel.

God, I will always hate you for making me… feel.

2 thoughts on “I do feel”

  1. Very wonderful and neat poem. …But isn’t that good that God make you feel? Because in the end, without that feeling, you wouldn’t be here feeling all the things you feel when you are happy and all.

  2. Thanks for reading my poem. I do think that feeling is essential in life no matter the circumstances. I just wanted to show how easily people turn their back on God the second things go south. And btw, if you wish to see what the world would be like without feelings, please watch Equilibrium. Underneath the sci-fi cover, a wonderful film is hidden ;) And let me know if you liked it. Cheers!

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