Me aganist the world

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When life throws a curve ball you just don’t know where to duck and hide.

No one is safe out here just be prepared to be taken on that long ride.

Life is crazy I know they tell me keep my head up but please tell me… How is that so?

I try my best I do… It just always seems that luck just isn’t on my side.

Thats why I buckle up my seatbelt and ride..

Things hurt me inside they really do..

I try to remain positive keep a positive attitude

It just seems that no one wants to see my beautiful smile…

They snatch it of my face like its evil or as if its a sin

I guess its a crime to be happy

I guess its just not meant

Hate just feels like a hobby and a word thats easy to embrace

Love doesn’t live here because if it did I wouldn’t feel this way

I try to be happy you know? Dust everything under a rug..

It just seems that everything always comes back to haunt me

Thats when I come to the conclusion….

Its just me against the world…

One thought on “Me aganist the world”

  1. Nice poem. I can relate to this to myself in the past. Not just only that, it feels as if the world is against you, but you’re not against the world alone too. ;)

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