I Fell and I Learn

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I once fell into the darkness,
As the evil in my eyes smiled.
I loved to see pain and suffer,
To know I’m alive again.
I laugh at others defeat,
I smiled to claim my victory.
I was evil enough to take my words true:
“I can shoot you,
For I hold a gun before.
At the age of nine,
I pull the trigger and shoot.”
The feeling  of it felt great,
As I live like never before.
But that me was long gone.
The darkness was terrible,
To only see me cry.
In a way, I want love,
To make me smile again.
I promise I’ll never fall again,
And that the dark can never take me.
For I learn that I had hurt others,
Also I hurt myself.
So never once again can the darkness take me.
Because the light is stronger than dark.
And I’ll show you that it is true.

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