A Hug

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Hugs can be brief and pleasant
or they can be lasting and warm.
But whether the hug be short or long,
it can ease the darkest storm.

A hug is to make you feel safe
and to let you know I care.
It’s to make the fearful moments,
a little easier to bear.

When I have my arms around you,
I feel no worries or alarm.
It’s then I know without a doubt,
to you there can come no harm.

But if we were to look more closely,
the truth we’d clearly see.
The hugs we share to comfort you,
are really helping me.

Your hugs fill an empty place,
that’s been in my heart for years
A hug from you is the best way,
to dry up these age old tears.

4 thoughts on “A Hug”

  1. It was one of the sweet poems I have ever came across… Hugging is the best way to greet someone …. Specially when we hug our loved one’s the feel is just awesome. I still remember when my girl use to say I feel very protected whenever you give me a tight hug :) . Lets spread hugs ;). Please continue with your great work I want to read more such stuff :) …

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