Love is Death

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Love is a twisted faith only i would know

A suicidal feeling that only seems to grow


The pain inside makes me lose my mind

The one thing leading to my demise


How can something so beautiful, something so free

Can be the one thing killing me


Please, forgive me for my sorrow, forgive me for my pain

Your love is venom pumping threw my veins.


2 thoughts on “Love is Death”

  1. You’re right … no matter how strong a person is love can make him/her fall weak … The only thing in this world which can make someone feel like they have conquered everything in this world is LOVE and at the same time it’s the only thing which could give us the worst feeling of why we’re still living … Very good writing hope to see more of your poems …

  2. I love this poem. Its like y crawled inside of me and spilled my heart on paper. And an odd thing is u wrote this on my birthday.

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