Don’t Wait

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Alone and quiet, dark and cold.
Empty and hollow, lonely and old.
I feel as if the road never ends.
Once it does, I smile again.

I live in misery, every day and night.
I try to forget, but it’s vivid and bright.
What can be done, to make this go away?
If not, we live in shame, every single day.

When my eyes close, I see it all again.
This will follow me, until the end.
To know what I lost, because of my choice.
The things that I miss, the sounds and the voice.

Now that it started falling apart.
I quit even trying, I know it’s my fault.
I have learned, to walk alone.
It is very, lonely and long.

This is one thing, I will never forgive.
I don’t think anybody, like this should live.
If you want it, then don’t wait.
Because when you do, it could be too late.

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