The End Is Near

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I feel as if the end has begun.
There’s no time left to care.
Because what I want has never come.
I have nothing left to share.

What I thought was love,
Has turned into hate.
The feelings I had.
Will all disintegrate.

I have waited for
Someone to find me.
That never happened
There’s no one besides me.

They all tell me
God will save you.
If I ever see him
I’ll tell him, “F@*K YOU”

What I have been through
Nobody can see.
They tell me, I’ll get through it.
It’s not that easy.

This is one that
Will haunt me til death.
So I quit trying to forget
Because there is nothing that’s left.

7 thoughts on “The End Is Near”

  1. You have a good set of words here,I like your poem and I understand it well too.

    There is just one line that I don’t think belongs there,line num16 I believe.

    You can’t say that because it is not GOD’s fault..any of is all just our faults from our mistakes and wrong desisions.

    Because GOD only wants the best for us,HE created all of our kind…so please dont say that again its soo wrong

    I mean no harm to you just think about it
    But otherwise I like the poem

  2. There is no god. If there is, we are gonna have A LOT of problems. I will NEVER FORGIVE ANYBODY, for all the things I have been through. Then if this is “the best for me”, I don’t want it.

  3. LoveisLonely is a free poetry site but not a religious or anti-R one. All members are advised not to cross line. Let’s keep the peace and the healthy growth of this free and quality poetry site, thanks.

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