The Sweetest Thing

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Your my umbrella through the rain.
Medicine to stop my pain.

The most amazing guy and can I tell you why?

You can make me smile.
You can make me cry.
You can bring me joy!
And can I tell you why?

I’m happy when I’m with you.
When I see you I get weak.
And 1 thing I love is that you listen when I speak.

We’re strong together and apart we’re weak.
Without you it’s hard to think.

Your my bestfriend and soulmate here through it all.
Always around when I’m about to fall.

You were made for me and for you I was made.
Your the balance on my check the day I’m getting paid.

Your the sunshine during spring.
Happiness you bring.
The sweet that I crave.
The soap when I bathe.
Let me keep your love.
It was sent from above!

One thought on “The Sweetest Thing”

  1. I really liked the flow of your poem and how it kept me glued to the wordings you have used. I just loved it! Very few are really lucky to have best friend as their better half and you are one of them. And I need to tell you; even that person is really blessed because it seems you are totally into that person. Keep this bond alive forever, I don’t know whether you had made that sweet person to read this sweetest poem, if not, you should just do this now! Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing poem and I will be really glad if you could share more poems. :)

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