Losing It All

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I’m losing everything, my life is falling apart.
I’ve lost my love, my family, and now I’ve lost my heart.
Now I have, no reason to stay.
They were my life, which now faded away.

I have no chance, to live through it all.
Some say it will get better, but my hopes are small.
I’ve lost my morals and my dignity, so true.
So just let me go, I know that I failed you.

Don’t hate me, because my decisions were wrong.
I regret everything, which I have felt for so long.
I keep it all inside me, so nobody has to see.
What all the f*cked up things are, the world has done to me.

I should have just let go, a long time ago.
Then nobody would have to see, all the things that have shown.
It’s okay to point your finger, for all the things I’ve done.
I know I’ve made mistakes, but I’m not the only one.

So now I just see dark, ahead there is no light.
I feel no heartbeat, my body is pale and white.
Now the world turns cold, and nobody is around.
This is the one day, that all I’ve lost is never found.

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