My Emotions Are Confused

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They change like lightning

They can rumble like thunder

Flow like the rain

Shine like the ice

Wish like the snow

And seeth like a storm


Then slam like a book

They can rustle like pages

Drop like their falling

Shine like a cover

Wish like a word

And wilt like a stain


They fall like a dancer

They can glide along smoothly

Slide like skating

Shimmer like the ice

Wish like a jump

And drop like their losing


What are they? Emotions.

One thought on “My Emotions Are Confused”

  1. Emotions are actually the best and interesting part of our life, sometimes they can make us cry and sometimes they make us smile. They got the power to feel and that feelings come directly from the heart, they don’t think using brains but only heart which can never go wrong. And yes for everyone their emotions can be different and maybe it can be confusing too but it all depends upon the situation we are in. It all depends on us how we are responding to it. Reacting to it or acting towards it. :)

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