My thoughts when I think of you

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Why am I jealous when I see you with them?

I have no right to be.

Yet, somehow, I am.

All of your friends don’t know me.

All of your experiences aren’t mine to look at.

When I see you in the hallways, I want to talk to you.

Your smile is like the sun.

But I’m forced to by my values, my number one:

Never leave a friend hanging for a guy.

Never let them down.

I’m sure you understand why.

Yet, everyday I see you.

I notice you laughing,

And I think of what could be.

Do you notice me?

I wish so hard that you’d just turn your head and see.

I want so bad for you to feel the same way.

I try to take my mind off of it,

But it seems impossible.

Please tell me that it gets easier?

Because I can’t deal with this any more.

I feel so invisible when you look away.

Do you ever feel like that?

Can you feel that way?

Whatever, I’m sure its just me.

Just a passing phase.


What if it isn’t?

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