Uncommon Anguish

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Crying harder than ever before

My face is streaked in black

I don’t think I can hold on anymore

When theres nothing keeping me back

The tears are covering my page with stain

I’m covered in bruises and many a scratch mark

Blindly welcoming the pain

Sitting and crying in the dark
Sitting and crying alone in the dark

Wishing with a passion that I could find a blade

Try as I may the tears keep flowing

Trying to tune out the tyrade

Staying stock still but the hurt is growing

From sobbing and screaming my voice is so raw

Losing everything that is dear

Grey and dark spots were all I saw

Waiting for it to extinguish my fear

My complete inability to even return fire

When I’m weak from the last nights trauma

My need for help is becoming dire

Tired and in pain from all the drama

Second day and I’m missing my pieces

Trying to stay together for a chance of finding them

My needing yearn never ceases

The cause, the instigator, the abuser I condemn!

My pieces lay just out of my grasp

I don’t know where to begin

Opening and hearing the forbidden clasp

And as I lay, I pray to god, to forgive me for my sin.

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