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With all the pain I’ve gone through.

With all the heart I’ve put in.

Somehow you’ve managed to make me hurt.

Somehow you have managed to make me hurt
You’ve managed to make me angrier.

You seem to hate what I do.

Can I have one day for just me?

Aren’t you tired of getting in my way? Honestly.

I’ve been put in a shell when you come around.

Every text is like a stern reminder of what you claimed.

You lied to me about her, about everything.

You weren’t here.

Why do you think it’s okay to make me cry?

Why do I let you make me cry?

Why is your number still on my cellphone?

Why is your picture still in my head.

You’ve damaged me.

It’s hard for me to care about anyone now.

How ever often I’ll be able to say that I’m over you, you come back!

You just need to go, and I need to let you.

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