I need him

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I need him so much!

I see everyday how he changes his profile picture and I feel like someone punched me in the gut

I want to talk to him so much!

I dislike how girls are breaking his heart

I dislike how he falls in love so easily

But the thing I dislike the most is well…Him talking about those girls so much

It hurts so much and I just want to talk to him again.

I want him to make me smile again

I want him to be the one who loves me and doesn’t use me

I want him to be the one who puts his arms around me and I feel at home

I want him to be the one that I love forever till I’m gone

it hurts not talking to him…My friends think I’ll get over it

But it’s been a month so far I never got over it

Everyday I think about him and start to cry it hurts so much

He meant a lot to me…Actually he still does

To some people he’s just a random guy I can find other guys just like him

But it’s not true he’s one of a kind I can tell and I can’t believe I lost him

Sometimes I wish I never went on vacation if I never did

We would still be talking!

All I want is to talk to him again make me laugh and smile.

I want him to just finally talk to me again…

I don’t think I’ll get that…Ever…Again…

I need him

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